International Asymmetric Bars with SRS System



Interrnational Asymmetric Bars with SRS System

AAI’s ELITE™ Uneven Bars are available with Space Reduction Stabilizer (SRS) System as a space-saving alternative to regular cabled uneven bars.

• ELITE™ Uneven Bars included – see pg 12 for details on the Uneven Bars
• SRS Pads not included
• System maintains the stability of the unit
• Allows use of standard Uneven Bars, including standard cable assemblies
• Features dual adjustment with cable tighteners and adjusting tensioning braces
• Includes 14 concrete (only) installation anchors (anchors for wood floor installations are not included)
• Works with all AAI cabled Uneven Bars, Horizontal Bars and Single Bar Trainers

407-076 International Asymmetric Bars w/SRS — wt. wt. 410 lbs. (186kg)