International ELITE™ Artistic Floor Exercise System




All AAI floors are world-renowned for their engineering and durability. All AAI floors are handmade to ensure the finest craftsmanship and quality. Complete Floor Exercise System includes carpet, spring table, foam and border.

This complete system is used by world-class athletes to reach their maximum performance levels.

  • FIG Approved
  • Meets USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specificiations.
  • Floor system consists of: 50 spring-loaded fiberglass reinforced    wood floor panels, 35 19/32” (90cm) sloped foam border to surround the  deck, 8 rolls of 2” (5cm) cross-link polyethylene roll foam and 39’ 4 ½”   (12m) square blue working surface with a 4’ (122cm) white carpet    border on all four sides
  • Includes 432-340 Spring Deck, 416-745 Foam, 432-880 Border,   432-524 Blue Carpet with White Carpet Border and 13 D-Ring Floor   Straps


432-495 International ELITE™ Artistic Floor Exercise System  48’ 4 ½” (14.7m) square (12m square deck)  — wt. 7715 lbs. (3499kg)