Retro Fit Floor Anchor

  • Retro Fit Floor Anchor - Each
  • Retro Fit Floor Anchor - Set of Four


The AAI Floor anchor has many different styles (B, BX, C and E –see below). It is our recommendation and intent that all existing floor anchors be inspected on a daily basis to ensure proper wear and use. If you have an older system we suggest updating to the new design, which is utilized in all new installs. For those that are unable to accommodate our recommendation, a retrofit option is also available using the new design components.

• Allows compatibility between new 3/4” (19mm) tie downs and old ½” (13mm) in-ground anchors
• Retro-fit requires removing the removable cap from older AAI B, BX, and C style anchors, or drilling out and
tapping older E style anchors.

 49004 Retro Fit Floor Anchor - Each
407-140 Retro Fit Floor Anchor - Set of Four