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  • CLASSIC™ Ring Tower

    CLASSIC™ RING TOWER This tower is manufactured with the same qualities as the ELITE™ Ring Tower, except the following: • Meets USAG, NCAA® and NFHS competition specifications• Made with a single steel rectangular framework, making the apparatus more cost-effective• CLASSIC™ Ring Tower finished dimensions are 110 1/4” x 238 3/8” (280cm to 600cm)• Minimum...
    Price: $3,985.00

  • International ELITE™ Ring Tower

    INTERNATIONAL ELITE™ RING TOWER Sturdy construction and Wood Rings provide excellent gripping surface, giving the athlete confidence through performance. • FIG Approved; Meets USAG, NCAA® and NFHS competition specifications• ELITE™ International Tower adjusts in height from 238 3/16” to 242 1/8” (605 to 615cm), allowing ring height adjustment from 110...

  • Ring/Rope Hoist

    RING/ROPE HOIST Conveniently stores rings when not in use. • Wooden wall bracket attaches quickly to any wall• Rope has snap on the top end, allowing quick attachment to the rings• Weighted top end of rope brings rings down when needed 407-022 Ring/Rope Hoist— wt. 6 lbs. (3kg)
    Price: $160.00

  • Ring Assemblies

    RING ASSEMBLIES • Fixed rings are set at 110 1/4” (280cm) height from floor• Adjustable rings from 103 1/2” to 117” (258 to 292cm) height from floor• Plastic-coated steel cables are permanently attached to swivels• AAI features Copper Compression Sleeves on our apparatus cables, which improves apparatus performance• Spring-loaded swivel is a fully...

  • Polycarbonate Rings-Pair

    POLYCARBONATE RINGS-PAIRS The Polycarbonate Ring is great for training purposes. • One-piece seamless construction• Composite material is textured and pre-chalked for use• Recommended for non-competitive programs and recreational use only 407-296 Polycarbonate Rings — Pair (Straps not included) — wt. 3 lbs. (1.3kg)
    Price: $105.00

  • Replacement Wood Rings

    REPLACEMENT WOOD RINGS AAI’s Wood Rings provide durability and strength that athletes need. • Meets FIG, USAG, NCAA® and NFHS competition specifications• Multi-laminated beech hardwood veneer construction• Tested and approved with double weight requirements established by the FIG 407-496 Wood Rings — Pair (Straps not included) — wt. 2 lbs. (1kg)407-408...