Parallel Bars

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  • ELITE™ AAI Parallel Bars

    ELITE™ AAI PARALLEL BARS Designed to accommodate the high stress of the athlete’s most advanced routines. • FIG Approved – aka Elite AAI Parallel Bars• Meets USAG, NCAA® and NFHS competition specifications• Constructed of heavy-duty steel bar mounting saddles with spring pin• Powder coated navy vein finish which resists chipping, fading and regular wear...
    Price: $5,555.00

  • CLASSIC™ Parallel Bars

    CLASSIC™ PARALLEL BARS Similar features to the ELITE™ model, this adjustable unit is ideal for training and age group competition. • Recommended for training purposes only• Bars adjust in width from 15” to 26” (38 to 65cm)• Graphite II Rail is 138” long (350cm)• Height adjusts in 5cm increments from 47 1/4” to 76 3/4” (120 to 195cm)• Powder coated...
    Price: $4,115.00

  • 100 Series Parallel Bars

    ONE-HUNDRED (100) SERIES PARALLEL BARS This versatile training unit is used in elementary and preschool gymnastics programs. • Fiberglass composite bars are 1 9/16” (4cm) in diameter, 8’ (2.4m) in length and adjust in width to 14”, 16”, and 18” (35, 40, and 45cm)• Height adjusts from 45” to 77” (113 to 193cm)• The height of the bars is adjusted using a...
    Price: $1,865.00

  • Low Parallel Bars

    LOW PARALLEL BARS Designed for learning basic skills before progressing to the regulation bars. • Height from the floor is 16” (40cm)• Fiberglass composite bars are 1 9/16” (4cm) in diameter, 8’ (2.4m) in length and adjusts in width from 14” to 20” (35 to50cm)• Round Graphite Bars provide optimal flex and exceptional strength• Non-marking rubber floor...
    Price: $1,385.00

  • Round Parallette Bars

     ROUND PARALLETTE BARS Gain upper body strength while learning basic parallel bar techniques such as L-sits, V-sits and handstand presses. • Shape of rail matches our round graphite bar• Made of solid maple and bar is covered in a protective laminate coating• Comes completely assembled• Bar is 12” in length (30cm)• Overall dimensions of 13 ½” long x 4...
    Price: $120.00

  • Parallel Bar Blocks

     PARALLEL BAR BLOCKS Designed for learning basic skills before progressing to the regulation bars. • Two color design with distinct yellow fabric band for hand rail• High compression polyurethane foam base surrounded by a 2” (5cm) layer of cross-link polyethylene• Great for spotting blocks as well as parallel bar training• 2” (5cm) polyester web handles...
    Price: $2,335.00

  • Graphite II Bar

    GRAPHITE II BAR The combination of graphite and fiberglass makes this bar both resilient and long lasting. • NEW and improved Grip• Meets FIG, USAG, NCAA® and NFHS competition specifications• Used on all AAI ELITE™ and CLASSIC™ Parallel Bars• Bar is 11’ 6” (350cm) in length 407-502 Graphite II Bar – Each — wt. 14 lbs. (6kg)407-506 Graphite II Bar –...

  • Apparatus Tie-Down Set

    APPARATUS TIE-DOWN SET Used on either the ELITE™ or CLASSIC™ Parallel Bars to help safely secure the apparatus to the floor. • The Apparatus Tie-Down Set is constructed of 2 1/2” wide x 1/4” thick (6.3 x .6cm) hot rolled flat steel, bent to the appropriate shape for a secure hold• Tie-Down Set has rubber tread fasteners to reduce the risk of slippage or...
    Price: $140.00

  • Domestic Parallel Bars Landing Mat

    DOMESTIC PARALLEL BARS LANDING MAT • Meets USAG, NCAA® and NFHS specifications for competition, but not FIG• Duo-fold configuration eliminates seams when landing• Works with either the 407-590 or the 406-400 Parallel Bars 416-561 Domestic Parallel Bars Landing Mat 14’ 2” x 16’ x 7 3/4” (4.3m x 4.8m x 20cm) — wt. 340 lbs. (154kg)(FIG Mat Configuration on...
    Price: $6,245.00

  • Equipment Transporters

     EQUIPMENT TRANPORTERS Adjustable transporters are designed to work with the following AAI apparatus: Uneven Bars, Balance Beams, Pommel Horse, Vault Table and Parallel Bars. • Equipment transporters consist of two units• Each transporter is constructed of steel frame work, two 360 degree ball-bearing swivel casters with hard rubber wheels and a lifting...
    Price: $875.00

  • Round Graphite Bar

    ROUND GRAPHITE BAR • Round Graphite Bar only fits on the 100 Series Parallel Bars and the Low Parallel Bars• Fiberglass composite bar is 1 9/16” (4cm) in diameter and 8’ (2.4m) in length 405-118 Round Graphite Bar — wt. 12 lbs. (5kg)
    Price: $350.00